Add your first domain

Add and configure your first domain on, exploring middleware, DNS, and settings to customize its functionality.

This guide will show you how to add your first domain and configure its settings in the dashboard. Let's get started!

Adding a new domain

  1. Log in to your account and access the dashboard.
  1. Click the "+ Add domain" button.
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  1. In the "New domain" modal, fill out the form with the following information:
      • Domain: Enter your domain name (e.g.,
      • Custom metadata: add key-value metadata for the domain.
      • Group: Select a group from the list (a "default group" is created automatically on signup).
      • Create a preview domain: Check this box if you want to test the domain before it's fully configured (DNS propagated and SSL certificate provisioned).
  1. Click the "Create" button.

After clicking "Create," you'll be redirected to the domain details page, which has several tabs:

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This tab lists available middleware that can be used to perform logic on the edge (between the visitor and the origin server). Enable middleware by checking the corresponding checkbox, and configure settings by clicking the middleware name to expand its variables.

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Here, you'll find the DNS configuration needed to set up the domain correctly. Add the provided CNAME records to your DNS provider. The DNS status will show as "Pending" until the records are set up, after which it will change to "Active."

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In this tab, you can configure settings for your domain, such as:

  • Origin URL
  • Custom metadata
  • Assigned group
  • Enabling/disabling the testing domain
  • Setting up a URL
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If you enabled the testing domain, you can visit it to preview how your domain will look once it's active and configured. Feel free to experiment with different settings and middleware to achieve your desired results.


πŸŽ‰Β Congratulations! You've added and configured your first domain on Enjoy exploring the platform and managing your domains.

Last updated on August 4, 2021