Rate limiting

Control requests traffic and set limits per domain or domain group.

Enhance the control over your domain's traffic with the Rate Limiting middleware.

Rate limiting is a technique for controlling requests traffic by defining a specific rate at which requests are processed. Configure rate limits per domain or domain group, allowing you to set limits based on customers' subscription plans, such as stricter limits for free-tier domains.


Rate Limiting middleware configuration variables:

  • Max requests: The number of requests permitted per time window
  • Algorithm: Choose between sliding or fixed window algorithms. The sliding window provides a continuous limit for the time window, while the fixed window divides the time window into fixed intervals.
  • Request identifier: A rate limit key to count towards the limit
  • Time window: The time bucket for rate limiting
  • Add x-ratelimit response headers: Include limit, remaining, and reset information for request clients
  • Rate limit error message: Customize the error message displayed when the rate limit is reached

Last updated on August 6, 2021